International Course in Disaster Risk Reduction at the Local Level


Lisbon earthquake

  • Annotaded bibliography 2008 07 21.xls
  • New documents 2014 (DIR)
  • Topic 1-Central Concepts in DRR (DIR)
  • Topic 2-Nature of Risks and Hazards (DIR)
  • Topic 3-DRR Processes and Hyogo Framework of Action (DIR)
  • Topic 4-Theory, Methodology and Policy (DIR)
  • Topic 5-Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change (DIR)
  • Topic 6-Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (DIR)
  • Topic 7-Preparedness- Early Warning, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DIR)
  • Topic 8-A Gender Approach to DRR and Peace Making (DIR)
  • Topic 9-Skills in DRR Education and Training (DIR)